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Ela temm 10 months ago
Ayoo 7 months ago
You can have bumps on your genitals with out it being herpes
Health department 9 months ago
You nasty whore we are looking for your infested ass
Dumbasses 6 months ago
Everybody in here talking about herpes is stupid asf, it’s obviously ingrown hairs
Damn 9 months ago
I don't care what anybody say that pussy look good as fuck it got to feel good
7 months ago
the bumps are ingrown hairs.
7 months ago
5 months ago
Nice fucking ... filled her full... big cock !!!
Reasonable 6 months ago
Ingrown hairs. She is sexy af.
7 months ago
Her moans are annoying asf and her pussy looks nasty asf. Would have been better if you shut her tf up